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All About Laminating Machines

All About Laminating Machines

Laminating machines are some of the essential office gadgets used for safe keeping and reinforcing documents that need extra care. There are of various types based on several factors such as their size, how they work, the source of power beside other factors. When planning to buy one you need to learn certain facts such as the benefits of laminating and the mechanisms applied in the process for the different machines available in the market.

Benefits of laminating

The main benefit has to be protection and adding firmness to the document. When a document is encased within the laminating films, dirt, fingerprints, easy tearing and other physical damages are kept at bay. This ensures documents such as hotel food menus can be used for a long time without getting spoilt.

By making these documents firm and rigid, putting them up in frames or just hanging them for exhibition becomes easy. It requires no backing and can even be used outdoors without fear of water or light damages.

Colors on any documents tend to fade away with time, especially due to too much light, lamination keeps the colors intact all the time. It additionally enhances color contrasts on the document.

Important documents such as certificates can be kept in great shape, with lamination they look new all the times.

Tips to consider when planning on buying a laminating machine

The size and type of documents to be laminated, different machines handle varying document sizes. Based on the mechanism of how the machine works, certain laminators work best on specific documents, for example, heat roll laminators can destroy photographs when used to laminate them.

The workload or the items you expect to laminate in a given duration. Different machines will handle workloads differently, some work faster than others.

The thicknesses of the laminating film, with this variation, different machines are designed to handle different films.

The available room space, just as discussed above these machines comes in varying sizes. Therefore, some will take up more space than others.

Types of Laminators

They can be placed into two main categories based on the working mechanisms.

Cold laminators, they utilize pressure to bind the films together with the help of adhesives. These types of laminators are best for heat-sensitive documents. An example is the cold pouch laminator.

Heat roller laminators, these are designed with rollers that are adequately heated to bind the films together. They are the most common and come in different sizes.


To get the best laminator you have to do a thorough research on the best available ones in stores near you. Also there are great online stores that will provide great deals at affordable prices, check them out.