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Wireless Reader – Invisible Connections to Literary Heaven?

Wireless Reader – Invisible Connections to Literary Heaven?

Though Sony was the first to release the digital eBook reader, it was Kindle that released the first wireless connectivity enabled reader and this particular device became a rage amongst users. There is one prime reason why the wireless reader is far more popular that the ones that do not have wireless facilities. With the latter eBook readers users have to first download the digital files of newspapers, magazines, and newspapers to their PC using their internet connection. Then the file has to be transferred to the reader using its USB port. This can be a headache for those who are traveling and want to access their reading materials while on the move.

The wireless reader has changed the entire scenario as far as this problem is concerned. Now one just need to select any from the thousands titles available and download the same to their handheld electronic book from wherever they are as long as they are within the range of their wireless service provider. Can you understand the huge difference this makes? Suppose you are a student and are traveling and studying your books on the wireless reader. Suddenly you observe that you require some more reference material that is not available on the books that you have with you on the reader.

You can easily connect to the library with the e-book reader, select the book that you need from the list and download it immediately to your wireless reader. Sony has not been sleeping on these developments and its latest offering also contains wireless connectivity. If you have been checking out on the circulation of newspapers and magazines, you might have observed that their circulation is decreasing with each and every passing year. Before the eBook readers were available, these books and magazines were available in.pdf format which subscribers could download and view on their computers.

The wireless reader has upped the ante permitting users to download what they want on the move. Though the same can also be done using a laptop with wi-fi connection, the book like shape of the wireless reader and its white background along with jet black text gives it the exact feeling of a real book. Add to this the capability to store hundreds of books in one single place that can be retrieved instantaneously and you will understand why the wireless e-book reader is so popular with the masses. If this is not enough, all those who use wireless readers are playing their individual part in enhancing the ecology of the world.

The fewer the number of publications published, the less the amount of paper required. This means a lesser number of trees will be cut down. The E Ink technology that is used by the wireless reader provides sharp black text on a white background and hence no backlights are required. The power consumed by the screen is minimal. The matt finish of the screen ensures that there is no reflection of lights from sources opposite the screen. All these put together ensure that the wireless reader is one of the most popular inventions of recent times.