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Using Foam Swords in the SCA

Using Foam Swords in the SCA

The SCA, otherwise known as the Society for Creative Anachronism is an international, non-profit society that was created in 1966 with the intentions to bring like-minded people together in order to celebrate pre-17th century history. Within the SCA, history in every aspect is studies and lived out during their tournaments. The members of the SCA will act out the lifestyle of the medieval life that was lived pre-17th century. This includes portraying the lives of blacksmiths, armoured fighters, archers, brewers, fencers, spinners and even the fair maidens. According to the SCA, there are over 30,000 members registered with their organization and over 60,000 active participants.

Fighting within the SCA is an important aspect to the tournaments that are held annually. While various styles of fighting can be seen at each tournament, the favoured styles are armoured combat and fencing. Safety and honour are important aspects to any type of fighting that occurs during the tournaments. It is the worthiness and skill of the combatants that matter rather than who actually wins the fights.

There is a new product on the market that participants could use during the tournaments that can ensure that no injuries during sword fighting occurs. This new product is called a foam sword from a Canadian company called Calimacil. These particular foam swords are unique in that their density meets the requirements of weapons to be used during the tournaments while the foam has a capacity for impact absorption without compromising the appearance of a genuine sword. The tip of the blade is reinforced with a composite material in order to prevent punctures, which then increases its safety and durability. Calimacil foam has an unmatchable resistance and a greater capacity for impact absorption than other widely-known industrial foams. These attributes make it possible to have more realistic blade profiles. Within these swords is a polyurethane attribute that provides durability and fatigue resistance against repeated blows during major battles. Even if the surface is cut, the foam remains strong and safe.

Foam weapons are currently used in LARP activities as well in martial arts. It is an excellent practice tool to enhance skills as well as an excellent weapon to be used during tournaments.

For more information on various foam weapons that can be used within combatant settings in the SCA, there is a Canadian company who specialize in creating foam weapons that are superior in durability, realistic looking weapons, maintenance free, weather resistant and latex free.