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Wicked Skydive Gear to Buy

Wicked Skydive Gear to Buy

When you get hooked on skydiving – and believe me, it will happen – you’ll see other skydivers out there wearing the stuff you want. They’ll have wicked skydive gear including suits and accessories. Even their casual gear will look like it’s made just for the skydiving “in crowd.” No problems. You can have all the skydive gear you want by checking out what looks good, fits well, does the job and has the “it” factor when it comes to standing out. Have a good look at what the other skydivers are wearing, ask around, check out some labels and do your homework on the net.

There’s so-so skydive gear and there’s wicked skydive gear. If you’re spending your hard-earned money, you want to get it right first time. You’ll see a whole heap of different skydiving suits, from free fly to RW and swoop gear. You can do the all-in-one suit thing, or go with jacket and pants. It’s up to you. Plenty of companies let you choose your own design and colour combos, so that’s pretty cool if you want to be the one everyone else is checking out.

When you’re got your suit sorted, you’ll start thinking about accessories. There are things like gloves, hats, boots, weight belts (for those who need them), cameras, camera socks and gear bags. It’s a good idea to get a pair of dedicated skydiving gloves. You can get special gloves with leather palms that make it easier to feel and grip the handles and stuff. Not such a silly idea for winter jumps either.

And if you need to wear lead – and, let’s face it, some of us do – you can still look in style in the sky. There are some awesome weight belts on the market, which are foam padded for comfort, adjustable and designed to make wearing weights a breeze.

You might not have started doing camera work in the sky yet, but give it time. One of these days you’ll want to start snapping away to get the winning picture. There is a wide range of camera gear for skydivers, including camera weather socks to keep your expensive tech gear safe and sound. Digital cameras are susceptible to temperature changes, so a weather soc for your camera is a must if you want it to work properly when you need it most.

All your new skydive gear needs to go somewhere, so why not buy a gear bag that won’t break the first time you use it! Buy something with wickedly tough zips, strong handles and ace construction and your bag will do the job it’s meant to do for a few years to come. Just a thought though… make sure your gear bag has comfy straps and has all the room you need to carry your gear. You don’t want to leave any of your precious new skydive gear behind.