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The Lord’s Prayer – Divine Essence Decoded

The Lord’s Prayer – Divine Essence Decoded

Several of us, I am confident, were taught the Lord’s Prayer or, “the Our Father” as a implies of penitence right after the confessional — aimlessly repeating set-piece phrases without the need of essential instructional insight or knowing as to their non-literal dynamical price.

The Lord’s Prayer, when esoterically understood — as intended by its writer — is more powerful than the sum of its phrases. But basically repeating the terms isn’t sufficient in bringing about the level of consciousness supposed in the prayer.

The phrase “Lord” refers to Legislation, and extra especially, cosmic regulation, even though “Prayer” refers to a normal of [expressed] consciousness. Taken collectively, the Lord’s Prayer is referring to suitable use of intellect — living a unique amount of consciousness, i.e. cosmic or Christ consciousness therefore the Lord’s Prayer –when used — signifies instructional element in consciousness enhancement.

We go through in scripture that the Apostles (symbolizing the 12 features of the soul) went (mindful course) to Jesus (Way or course of action of attaining Christ-consciousness) and mentioned: “Learn, (Transcendent all-understanding Consciousness) teach us how to pray” (how to dwell divine conventional).

“Existence is a Prayer”

Each believed, term and deed assimilated via the mind is a existence-prayer — a statement or barometer degree of our existing condition of consciousness — a request to the Regulation, Lord or Grasp for these kinds of to be re-knowledgeable possibly consciously or subconsciously. In this regard, it is essential we’re awake to the likelihood that we might automatically be reaffirming lifetime-patterns by means of reduced consciousness, by non life-serving mindsets and perception systems instead than by way of a formulated regular of Master consciousness.

To counteract this probable, the Apostles, as talked about, (inner spiritual mechanisms to higher soul awakening) sought a normal of eternal principles whereby such divine cosmic nature would be realized within [consciousness].

Scripture places it: “Jesus (procedure) taketh Peter (ego) James (psychological component of soul) and John (like or mother nature of larger Self) up a higher mountain (meditation) apart (within just)” — Matthew 17:1

In sensible phrases, this signifies a approach of head, body, spirit awakening a system of crucifying the blockage — moi — Matthew 16:23 — by an internal Calvary meditative state whereby internal Christ or Coronary heart Ascension results in being experiential. “Mount” in scripture suggests optimum position of internal awareness, or, transcendence – not a physical mountain.

Many misunderstand the Apostles’ ask for to suggest: Grasp, educate us a improved way of squeezing more “goodies” out of God – as a result decreasing prayer to content begging — as a result bewildering the prayer’s words and phrases with the system of getting greater understanding via cosmic-consciousness in meditation. Basically repeating the words isn’t the intended “praying”.

Seven, in biblical phrases, refers to completion. Therefore the Lord’s Prayer — crafted in Present tense — consists of seven metaphysical clauses or psychological / religious seed dynamics, which, when germinated in guide to experiential completion or maturity in cosmic or Christ-consciousness.

The 7 clauses as prepared:

Our Father.

Which artwork in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come.

Thy will be performed, in earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this working day our each day bread.

And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those people who trespass from us.

And guide us not into temptation but deliver us from evil:

For thine is the kingdom, the ability, and the glory, for at any time and at any time. Amen.

This previous segment, “for thine is the kingdom… ” did not sort section of the authentic textual content but was extra later.

Let us decode just about every clause for its further spiritual benefit.

[Our Father]: Establishes All-powerful status of God: father/son relationship: complete dependency for all our demands: our never-ending Source of obtaining. God is God to every single soul irrespective of formal religious affiliation, or none.

[Which art in heaven]: God is often in heaven, often great and perfecting. Heaven is the time period scripture works by using for Existence [of God / Love]. With no acutely aware Presence there can be no acknowledged divine expression. Divine character is latent in just each and every of us as yin / yang or male / female dynamic.

[Hallowed be thy Name]: “Title” in scripture relates to the “mother nature” of that becoming referred to. “Name” of God is referring to the “Character” of God which, in manifestation and expressional phrases, is unconditional love, happiness, wellness, healing, prosperity, creative imagination and abundance. “Name” or Mother nature is equally relative and absolute concurrently. In other phrases, similarly as a spoonful of (relative) ocean has the components of the entire ocean (complete), so as well is eternal God-Mother nature innately existing in just about every soul’s DNA.

[Thy kingdom come]: Every time and wherever we categorical Love or Presence we are affirming “thy kingdom come” unto [our] consciousness. As a result of its expression, we are declaring divine character IS our now practical experience, IS our guiding wisdom in all our presenting inner / outer situation.

[Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven]: Biblical “earth” is not referring to the world earth, but, to our physique, personal affairs, get the job done, loved ones, well being, creativity, relationships and so forth. We are declaring God-Character is manifest in every single space / scenario of our lifestyle-expression – even if these types of is not visibly present, as but.

[Give us this day our daily bread]: All our spiritual demands are involved in “bread”. To receive day by day bread (Manna or soul nourishment), meditational silence is pivotal, it is the foundational perform of our “bread” turning out to be manifest in consciousness. When lack is reflecting in our everyday living, look at if we’re Heart-declaring via outer dependency. Divine obtaining demands us to be internal viberationally attuned, for, God operates as a result of us, not to us.

[And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us]: Definitely the Master’s finest training. It’s the selection one “demo” we each encounter on a momentary inner / outer foundation. Merely set: If we’re expecting forgiveness, we ought to unequivocally forgive many others and ourselves. In fact, we can only get what we’re capable of supplying [in consciousness]. It can be not attainable to know forgiveness unless you will find an internal “set up” of such. To be non-forgiving — for whatsoever purpose — keeps the soul in bondage to lower moi, hence stifling spiritual expansion. Alternatively, we use previous hurts as moi-crucifying options.

[And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil]: In “awakening” spiritually we turn out to be hugely sensitive to the hurts inflicted by others, ourselves and life’s cases. Little matters which earlier wouldn’t have bothered us, now — put up awakening — pose possible for hurt, so, tempting the moi back again into conditioned strategies – (similarly as Peter (ego) when he drew his sword in Gethsemane). As anger and provocation are by no means far more than a “temptation” absent, Jesus is warning in opposition to working with lifetime-matters in reactionary techniques — through a non crucified “fatted calf” moi mentality — therefore, Recognition “delivers” [from evil].

[For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory, forever and ever. Amen]. God is the underlying Electricity / Cause / Glory inside all creation. Just one Ability, One Spirit.

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