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Proform Ab Glider Platinum Evaluate – Execs and Downsides

Proform Ab Glider Platinum Evaluate – Execs and Downsides

Are you looking for a thing that can aid you sculpt and tone your ab muscles?

Nicely the Proform Ab Glider Platinum was intended to do just that. The device is effective out your mid, higher, lower abs and obliques. Not only are you functioning out your abs, you are also performing out your arms.

If you study on the net for ab work out devices you will certainly see that the Proform Ab Glider Platinum is a big contender in the market place.


The equipment is uncomplicated to assemble and you can start operating out minutes from acquiring the solution.

The Proform Ab Glider Platinum presents you the selection to increase weights and raise the angle of the slider. This offers you the means to personalize your exercises.

In the beginning you will discover that your arms are functioning tougher than your stomach muscles and that just usually means your arms are not incredibly robust and by using the equipment your arms will get much much better and so will your abs.

Really don’t get me mistaken, you will truly feel your stomach muscles doing work hard, but if your arms usually are not really powerful you will see your abdominal muscles doing the job very hard as well.

The Platinum is crafted really effectively with a comfortable seat and a smooth structure. The equipment also stays in area even when utilised on carpet. The Platinum does not get up a lot of place and it can simply healthy into a small room that you would uncover in an apartment.

The Proform Ab Glider will come with 3 work out DVD’s that show you how to get various effects from the machine. For example one DVD demonstrates you how to tone your stomach muscles, the second DVD demonstrates you how to tone your arms, and the last DVD demonstrates you how to get an wonderful work out from the Ab Glider in 3 minutes.


There is nevertheless a trouble with the design. The digital counter mounts on leading of the slider but it is designed of plastic and is held in area with the assist of a several very little screws. When you use your platinum, make sure you really don’t set any stress or mess around with the electronic counter far too significantly or it will break from its mount.

Also be thorough when you mount and dismount the Proform Ab Glider Platinum that you never contact the digital counter device for the very same explanations. Test holding on to the handles while mounting and dismounting to stay clear of touching the electronic counter device.

On the upside, the digital counter has several functions and is simple to use and examine.

The Proform Ab Glider is a excellent for individuals who want to exercise session their abdominal muscles with an effective machine without having obtaining to go to a health and fitness center every single working day. You will have the potential to work out your abs and arms. The Ab Glider is also affordable.