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Lego Pirates Abound at Legoland California’s Pirate Shores

Lego Pirates Abound at Legoland California’s Pirate Shores

Legoland California’s Pirate Shores area is, as its name implies, composed of five pirate themed adventures and rides as well as a retail shop. As pirates we should all be ready for a dunking now and then. Therefore all Pirate Shores guests might want to plan ahead. For the kids and adventuresome adults, this means extra clothes, a swimsuit, and towel. Also be aware that even though you’re in southern California it sometimes gets a little cool for these attractions and they can close without notice.

Rides and attractions in Pirate Shores include the Buccaneer’s Booty shop, Captain Cranky’s Challenge, Swabbies Deck, Treasure Falls, the Soak-N-Sail, and Splash Battle. All of the adventure attractions include an element of water and are designed to get you wet so beware. All of the rides also have minimum height requirements, except for the Swabbies Deck.

The newest addition to Pirates Shores, and a good place to start your pirate adventure, is Captain Cranky’s Challenge. This is a natural because as landlubbers you will be able to get your “sea legs” on this pirate ship that sways from side to side. You’ll feel like you’re on the open seas! Check out the Lego pirates who look like they’ve already had their ration of rum!

Next stop could be the Buccaneers’ Booty gift shop where you can pick up some pirate’s booty for yourselves. This might include everything from eye patches and swords to pirate hats and t-shirts. If you didn’t bring wet water gear you’ll find a large selection of swimsuits and towels here as well. No pirate would be worth his salt without a tattoo! The kids can get a temporary one at the airbrush tattoo station in the shop. The sun can get pretty hot out on the water too, so some sunscreen might be in order.

Swabbies Deck is the next attraction on your journey and here’s where the little scallywags can have them some fun with the water fountains and little squirt cannons. Swim diapers are required for pirates four and under. While the little swabbies are having their fun, the older kids and adults can watch boats in Splash Battle being ambushed by water cannons.

The Soak-N-Sail is a pirate’s playground with water. Be prepared for lots of water. In fact be prepared for hundreds of gallons of water. You’ll want to wear swimsuits for this one! And kids under four need their swim diapers here too. There is a pirate’s ship wreck for exploring, but beware as there are pirate pranksters lurking around and you may get soaked with hundreds of gallons of water. There are water slides to slide on and specially designed pumps and gadgets that all spray a lot of water fun. Shiver me timbers!

The last stop in Pirate Shores is the Splash Battle adventure ride. You’ll ride around islands in boats designed like ships with cannons that shoot real jets of water. Shoot your cannons at other buccaneers and pirates but beware as they can shoot back! The ride will take you through a skull island and you’ll pass by a water volcano and a wrecked ship flying the skull and cross bones flag. There are plenty of realistic Lego pirate models and scenes to check out along the way as well. This is indeed a fitting way to end your swashbuckling trip through Legoland’s Pirate Shores!