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Kitchen & Cooking Safety – Tips To A Safe Cooking Environment

Kitchen & Cooking Safety – Tips To A Safe Cooking Environment

Safety means to be free from risk or danger in your working environment. People who engage in cooking activities make good cook, not only with the delicious dishes they turn out, but also their level of home keeping ability. A major reason people slip, trip and fall in the kitchen is their poor housekeeping ability. Many situations can cause a slip, trip or fall. They include: wet spots, grease, or polished floor, loose flooring or carpeting, uneven walking surface, clutter, electrical cords, etc.

To enhance a safe working or cooking environment, keep the walk ways and stair case clear of scrap and debris, ruts, holes and obstructions. Remember always to lean up spills of oil, grease, or other liquid immediately. Don’t procrastinate. But if cleaning could not be effected immediately, be sure to have it covered with absorbent material until proper cleaning is effected. And please keep cleaning materials away from food.

Keep electrical wires out of the way. Coil up cords, extension cords, line, hoses, etc when not in use. Close cupboards and cabinets when not in use. And ensure proper and adequate lighting inside and outside the kitchen. Ensure there is no gas leakage and if there be found any leakage, fix it immediately. With gas leakage, distant ignition is possible as well as inhalation. This affects the nervous system and can lead to asphyxiation. In the case of fire, shut off supply, but if not possible and no risk to surrounding, let it burn out. However, evacuate danger zone.

Check that all thermostats are functional. Oil temperature must be at recommended temperature and fryers must be filled to the correct level, as indicated in the operator’s manual. There is a danger of possible burn in the case of oil splattering, and so, ensure no water presence in the food. Do not rest containers on the edge of the fryers. Avoid hot water spills, it can cause serious burns. Check container temperature before picking up a pot or kettle from the stove and keep flammable materials away from high temperature and open flame.

Remember to switch off fryers, oven, grills etc before cleaning commences. These are potential fire areas. Even a small fire can become dangerous and out of control. And in case of fire out break, do not attempt to use water to put out fire. Use fire extinguisher instead.

Broken glasses must be disposed immediately to prevent injury. Chipped glasses can cause cut and infectious diseases. Always wear rubber soled or safety shoes. This helps to ward off so many dangers.

Never forget all the necessary safety tips you have learnt so far. Clean oil spills and grease on the floor, make the runway free, and observe a careful handling of electrical gadget, hot oil as well as hot water. Keep fire extinguisher nearby and dispose broken glasses. Wears rubber soled shoes or safety shoes.

Safe cooking.