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Exercise Bike – Smart Way to Remain Healthy

Exercise Bike – Smart Way to Remain Healthy

Physical and mental fitness seems to be of primordial importance to health conscious people across the world. There are myriad ways to remain fit. A regular diet, eating right and exercising are unavoidable to keep health hazards at bay.

Hitting the gym on a regular basis may prove to be very beneficial. If you crave for your own space; get hold of suitable gym equipment and shed all the excess calories at your own pace. Exercise bike is one such device with saddle, pedals and a form of handlebars placed to mimic the bicycle.

They are also known as cycloergometer with the prefix ‘ergometer’ fixed to it which technically gauges the work done by the exerciser. The ordinary bicycle may be converted to an exercising one by placing them on either a trainer or a bicycle roller.

The types of exercise bicycle are:

* Upright bikes

* Recumbent, semi-recumbent bikes

* Dual action bikes

The best selling and hugely popular exercise cycle:
Upright bikes are by far the most prominent ones and one of the largest selling gym equipments. They are similar in form to traditional bikes occupying very less space. They are ideal for people with lower body fat and helps in a cardiovascular workout.

Exercise bike for comfort and workout
The recumbent or semi-recumbent bikes have a chair like form. The seat is bucket type and ideal for people with a lower back ailment. The form provides ample back support. Beginner may find it difficult to do justice to pedaling but the recumbent bikes make sure that you don’t cheat on pedaling.

Overall body toning made easy with dual action bikes
The third category is the one that is ambidextrous in function. If you have heavy shoulders then all the exercise you do for the thigh and hip region is going to be of less use. The dual action exercise bikes allow you to exercise your arms and legs at the same time. They are equipped with movable bars on arm handles and this enhances the aerobic intensity thereby toning the upper body as well.

Force in Action:
Although exercise bicycles are similar to a normal bicycle, what sets them apart is the resistance offered by either air, magnetic resistance or the innate resistance offered by direct tension created by the pedaling action.

Analyzing the kind of weight loss regime best suited for you, you may choose any of the cycling gym equipments. They have a proven record of enhancing health and augmenting physical strength. Get hold of the ideal exercise cycle and get started.