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Cool Gadgets For Children

With the rapid development in the world of technology and with the early exposure of the kids to the adult world, the line of demarcation between the life of children and adults is gradually blurring. Whether be it the choice of books, clothes, food or cosmetics, children are keen to imitate the adults in every way possible, and this is also true in the case of gadgets. So if you have brought a new cell phone, be assured that your 6-year old girl will too want one, and you have to pacify her with a toy cell phone, or as you as you bring home your new laptop, be sure to buy a gaming laptop for your 11- year old son. And you can also be sure that your kids will love their birthday gifts far better if you give them some cool gadgets than a pretty dress.

MP3 Teddy Bears: If your child is crying over your new MP3, then gift her one of these adorable MP3 players, which comes with built in speakers and a number of pre- recorded children’s music and songs. It also has an in built voice recorder for the parents to record their voice for their children when they are away. The buttons for power, volume and song selection are strategically punched near the teddy’s feet, and simple mechanism even enables a child to operate it. It even has a USB cable to connect it to your PC for song transfer of your choice for your kids.

Xbox and Video Games: The gaming addiction is hard to resist and it is true for older children as well as adults. Car Racing and Shooting are the most popular category and you can select from a wide range of available games available in the market. Some of them are specifically marked according to the age groups of the children for the violence often depicted in these games, so read the instructions carefully before handing one to your kid.

Remote Control Robots and Flying Toys: The sense of power associated with controlling is even deciphered by children and they just love their remote controlled toys. Helicopters, Jet Planes and Space Ships are the most popular models and the advancement in technology makes these toys look so real that they are almost the miniatures of the originals. Children love competing with each other to see whose plane flies the highest and the fastest. The Robots too, are modelled after the popular Star War series which are a rage among kids.

Although these games and gadgets are specifically meant for the children, they are quite expensive, so before you start shopping for your kid, do check their price tags. It is often not advisable to gift very expensive gifts to young children as they may become so used to it as not to settle for anything less.