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What Is the iCoffin From Monster High All About?

What Is the iCoffin From Monster High All About?

Monster High is not only limited to the fashionable dolls, the matching pets and corresponding rag dolls that Mattel had franchised. It also produces other toy products iconic of the Monster High persona. One of these toys include a little techie gadget, iCoffin, which is reminiscent of a Halloween movie horror trappings. This remarkable tiny device from MH looks like an old-style coffin but which really works as a handheld toy that kids can take them with them anywhere. This cute little gadget enables kids to play different games, text and be updated with all the latest gossip in Monster High.

This little black and pink device which looks like an ancient coffin has an LCD display window and a button that lets you maneuver to your selected game or action. What’s so cool about this gadget is that it has a sliding keypad from its side which you can easily slide out when you text. This makes this a very handy accessory which is also priced very low thus making it a very good option for a gift to give your child this Christmas season along with their favorite MH fashionable dolls.

This iCoffin handheld device is becoming increasingly popular amongst kids nowadays because of its sleek design, handy features and very enjoyable games which you can play using the cursor which helps your navigation within a game and from one game to the next. The sliding keypad on the other hand will let you “text” and play other games. The casket-like toy has the MH logo displayed at the top panel as well as in its LCD display.

iCoffin which is highly recommended for children aged 4 and above is also popular amongst adults. The games available on this gadget can actually be played by adults and children alike, if you are the type of adults who are into children’s games. iCoffin is a toy that your child should have. It does not only an enjoyable toy to play with during your kids’ free time but it is also highly recommended during travels since it is easy to pack and keep. It will keep your child occupied and thus prevent any tantrums during long distance travel.

It is a spookily magnificent way of being up to date with the latest gossips and drama in Monster High, through its text feature. At a very low price of $19.99, your kid can have monstrous fun with this scary device that offers tons of skeletal enjoyment. You can purchase this toy at Walmart, Amazon, eBay or other online stores. You just have to browse through the net and find this amazing toy-gadget that lets you have a taste of what it is to be one of the Monster High characters, yielding this tiny fun-load toy as you make your way through out the halls and ground of Monster High.

Where there’s one of the Monster High student characters around, there surely an iCoffin handheld device on hand. This is because to be inside and updated with the delightful gossips at MH, you have to have the iCoffin device.

With a dimension of 7.5 x 1.8 x 10 inches, you can be real scarily classy as you bring along an iCoffin wherever you may go. You can just as easily keep it in your MH pack bag or handheld the toy.