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Want to Solve Problems Overnight? Try A Glass Of Water

Want to Solve Problems Overnight? Try A Glass Of Water

Solve problems overnight? By sweeping them under the rug? That would make them go away! Try drinking a glass of water instead. You can solve problems in ways you never imagined possible by putting the power of your unconscious mind to work while you sleep.

Creative visualization uses your brain’s relaxed alpha state to create anything you want and bring it into being through energetic vibrations. This technique is a form of visualization and the simplest. Directing my thoughts to the water and drinking it never fails to solve problems overnight… and always in a way I’d never imagined the day before! Examples:

• Finding “lost” objects
• Work projects that are not getting done
• Technical frustrations with all the gadgets we have today
• Revealing ways to resolve conflicts with family or colleagues
• Eliminating a craving that is sabotaging your diet
• Choosing a good topic for a term paper

What Do I Do With the Glass of Water to Solve Problems?

Choose a problem. To work, you must choose something you could solve, not fly to the moon! And be specific. Last week I needed two days and a second glass because I wanted to put a video on YouTube but only visualized making the video the first day. Here are some examples:

• How can I explain to my boss that my project is late and not get fired?
• Where did I put my passport?
• Why is my furnace making that awful noise?
• How can I get my printer to work again?
• How can I meet my sales target this month?

As you get better at this technique, you can use it to solve problems like how can I change careers or afford a home.

Let’s Solve Problems

Just before bed, fill a small glass with water. Then relax, think about your problem, hold the glass in both hands and with closed eyes, look at your “third eye” – the spot on your forehead between your eyes. Think “This is that is needed to find a solution” as you drink half the water.

Leave the glass by your bedside and when you wake up, do the same procedure with the rest of the water. By the end of the day, you will find the situation has transformed in a day you never imagined when you took the first sip. Soon you will wake up knowing exactly what to do.

This subliminal programming allows the creative right side of your brain to solve problems by making new connections or using knowledge you don’t know you have in your waking beta state. We’ve all had crazy dreams about school studies or work problems. Transferring your focus to drinking the water channels all that brain activity and will solve problems overnight.

So toast creative visualization and your ability to solve problems… with a glass of water, of course! Sleep dreams!