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The Polar S625X – A Versatile Cross Training Tool

The Polar S625X – A Versatile Cross Training Tool

For someone who is in the height of his training, the new Polar S625X can give all the motivation that he needs. This advanced and versatile cross training tool gives you accurate running speed and distance measurement features as designed by the brand’s physiological expertise in maximizing training benefits. With the new Polar S625X, Polar has brought all of its best and patented technology into one single fitness tool plus more of the exciting and new heart rate monitor features.

More Features

Polar S625X is branded as a heart rate monitor that is especially made for running. Right from the box, it comes with a footpod, which you can use when you are cross training or working with your bike. In addition to its modern candence sensor, it is synchronized with the Polar ProTraining 5 software where you can conveniently log your training and analysis while also creating individual training settings. This gadget is also great for hiking or mountain biking. It also contains a highly sensitive barometric altitude sensor that also shows elevation profiles. Tailored to provide you with pertinent training information, you get a training advisor or training partner with this compact wrist unit.

To you give you accurate status of your training, the Polar S625X records a variety of data types including temperature, heart rate, distance, elevation, cadence, speed and calories burned. It also estimates your VO2 max, which is determined by combining many factors like your gender, age, height, resting heart rate and heart rate variability. With that, it can automatically display your target heart rate zones and it can even determine based on your training facts whether or not you have recovered sufficiently from various training sessions. All of these recorded data can be downloaded to your computer for a post-training or post-race analysis, which is covered by the Polar Precision performance software that comes with this gadget.

Top Notch Features

The Polar S625X is also given several high-end features, which all are related to convenience. One, it has enough memory to store loads of your training data. It has a quick and trouble free Infrared upload and download capability to connect to your personal computer. To provide you with more accurate monitoring of your training, it observed a 5, 15 to 60-second interval for recording data. Unlike cheaper heart rate monitors, it more accurately measures the calories you expend in every workout. Overall, it does a great science in helping you keep track of your training progress and optimize your training benefits.

The Polar S625X makes an ideal fitness partner to people who need moderate to serious endurance training and who want to enjoy full functionality from their heart rate monitors with computer integration. Its full graphical workout reports, two-way infrared PC connection, RAM, bike sensor and cycling power sensor are just some of the features that you can never find in any other heart rate monitor. While this fully featured fitness gadget is built for you to kill your training goals, it does not come cheap. However, it gives you your money’s worth in letting you work with Polar’s top notch heart rate monitoring technologies.

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