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Singer 201 – “The Finest Stitching Equipment At any time Designed”

Singer 201 – “The Finest Stitching Equipment At any time Designed”

Throughout the “glory” times of Singer Stitching Equipment, Singer made the model 201 from the 1930’s to at least the 1950’s. It was their finest (and highest priced) device. 1000’s of these equipment ended up created — and most of them are even now sewing as finely and strongly currently as they did when 1st created.

Exploration the Singer 201 and you are going to locate a lot more than just one reference stating that the 201 is the finest sewing machine Singer at any time made. When I won’t be able to authoritatively say the very same (I haven’t tried all the machines Singer ever made!), I haven’t discovered everything about the 201 that would make me disagree with that assertion.

I seriously appreciate fine mechanical and digital equipment. I like previous Hammond clocks and organs, tube amplifiers and classic guitars, classic sports cars and trucks, gizmos and gizmos like that. About 10 several years back (in a match of mid-daily life disaster) I purchased a utilised Porsche 944. When I sit down at the Singer 201 and push the foot pedal, I get a pretty equivalent feeling to that experienced when cruising down the highway in the Porsche at a way-as well-rapidly velocity — the smooth and snug experience of equipment accomplishing correctly.

I compare it to a Porsche — and I have observed others look at it to driving a Ferrari! It really is actually quality American iron back again from the times when that really intended some thing!

Singer produced at the very least 4 distinctive variations of the 201:

201-1 – Treadle version

201-2 – Potted motor and equipment-pushed

201-3 – Exterior motor and belt-pushed

201-4 – Hand-crank (initial manufacturing facility, not later on conversion)

The 201 is a strong and hefty equipment — not a portable at all! This is not a slim and alluring sporting activities auto — it is really a total-sized, stylish and lavish grand touring sedan! It truly is created to very last — but does need servicing to perform its finest. You may need to have to oil it frequently and also grease the gears from time to time. You can unscrew the round silver plate on the bottom of the equipment to expose the gears and the greasing points. Use standard Singer Sewing Device equipment grease (not oil!). Use stitching machine oil only at the advisable oiling details. This rotary hook equipment takes advantage of a Course 66 bobbin (indicates very little vibration, good sew top quality, and very easily discovered bobbins.)

The equipment is effortless to thread and uncomplicated to use. The fact that some of these equipment are likely on 80 many years previous and nonetheless outsewing modern-day devices is a telling issue — they will almost certainly last at least an additional 80 decades! Sustain them nicely and they are going to preserve stitching — very well, lengthier than you or I possibly will!

A single motive the machine is so effortless to use is that it is a straight sew only machine. A solitary stitch … but a lovely and best straight stitch! You is not going to locate oneself “fighting” the 201 like you could fight with small finish plastic devices — a lot less time fighting means considerably less time fixing and redoing problems and significantly less annoyance!

Even however the device is straight stitch only, Singer and other sellers created a host of attachments that offer you a entire world of alternatives — cost-free-form embroidery, buttonholes, zig-zag, blindhemming — pretty much anything you want from a high quality stitching equipment is easily achievable.

Ideal of all, costs are likely to be seriously reduced (source and demand from customers — Singer designed zillions of these devices!). You can expect to normally shell out way a lot less than you would for a plastic import that may well die a deserved death right after a couple of weeks or months of sporadic stitching — and you can expect to attain a lifelong sewing servant.

How need to you check out the Singer 201? Well, assume back on the Porsche/Ferrari analogy — except reduced the price tag to considerably less than $100! This machine purrs like the very well-crafted piece of equipment it is. It feels “high quality:, if you know what I necessarily mean. This equipment will absolutely be in your “keeper” checklist.