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Pink Mobile Phones – Specially For Women

Pink Mobile Phones – Specially For Women

Different phone manufacturing companies are there in the market. All leading phone brands either Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, LG and many others are well aware that girls are fond of pink colours. So, they have presented their different latest models in pink colour. Pink colour bears irresistible charm that makes it a favorite of female phone users.

Actually, there are lots of pink colored handsets in the market. Female users can choose among the variety of pink mobile phones which are from different brands. Some of the exclusive pink phones available in the market are – Samsung E900 Pink Edition, Sony Ericson Z610i Pink and Nokia 7373 Pink. Lets discuss different aspects of these gadgets one by one.

Firstly, lets welcome Samsung E900 Pink Edition. Samsung is a big name in the domain of communication. This brand has given tons of handsets to the world which are blessed with attractive looks as well as useful features. Samsung E900 Pink is one of such ultimate gadgets. Females can never be disappointed with this mobile phone which is truly a useful handset. The entertainment features of this smartphone is comprised of built-in MP3 player, downloadable polyphonic ringtones, downloadable games etc.,

Samsung E900 Pink comes boasted with 2 mega pixel camera which has an option of 4x digital zoom to give more enhanced images. Bluetooth is also there for the sharing and transfer of images, music tracks, video footages or other files. In short, this phone is perfect for ladies. Now, lets move to another unique pink coloured handset which is from the home of Sony Ericsson. This handset is gifted with the name, Sony Ericson Z610i Pink. Exceptional design and sophisticated features are the strengths of this gadget.

Sony Ericson Z610i Pink is also blessed with 2 MP camera. With the help of 2.5 digital zoom feature of camera, one can come more closer or farther to the subject. Processing and downloading capabilities are stronger of the gadget due to the support of 3G technology. Bluetooth wireless connectivity is also there to facilitate women in sharing of their favorite files with friends’ compatible devices. Numerous features and casing of pink colour, really perfect for female phone users.

Finally, lets move to Nokia 7373. Nokia cannot be left behind as this brand has given marvellous phones to the world. The advanced feature and superb camera quality are the characteristics of Ericsson handsets. This gadget looks really cute in its beautiful pink colour. Internal memory comes with 8 MB and external memory can be expanded further upto 2 GB. Women can easily transfer or share their desired files with others’ Bluetooth induced devices. The camera which comes with 2 mega pixels are quite capable to click good quality pictures. Games loving female can play Sudoku, Music Guess which are the two embedded games of this device. Thus, here it can be easily concluded that women can select anyone of these pink mobile phones which are good at every respect.