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Increase Your Child’s Educational Potential With Classic Children Books

Increase Your Child’s Educational Potential With Classic Children Books

Today it seems like our worlds are filled with more electronic gadgets and gizmos than you could have ever believed. As a society, we have gotten very gadget dependent. In some ways this is not a bad thing, but our kids are towing a dangerous line when it comes to their education. Our children have gotten more and more sucked in to video games and television, and this has caused them to lose sight of the wonderful gift that reading can be. Reading can help them to broaden their educational horizons, and by exposing your kids to some classic children books, you may be setting them up for success.

The truth is that there are many kid books on the market. Unless you are well versed in these you may not know which ones are right for your child. The first thing that you need to determine is which classic children books are right for your child’s age and reading level. One of the worst things that you can do is to give your child a book that is too advanced for them as it may turn them off to reading altogether. In general, there are five different categories of kid’s books.

Picture Books

Picture books are geared for children age four and below. These books rely largely on the illustrations in them to tell the story with just a few words per page, if any. These are wonderful to get your child excited about reading from a young age. The habits that you start early are the ones that will last a lifetime.

Picture Story

You can find some great classic children books like “Where the Wild Things Are” in the picture story category. These books are geared for ages 5-9, and they continue to rely on the illustrations to aid in the storytelling. However, they feature a few sentences on each page to relay some of the finer points of the tale. This type of kid books are those that your child will remember for years to come as they grow.

Easy to Read

Once your child hits age five they are probably trying to learn how to read in school. To enforce that education you will want to get them some easy to read children’s books at home. These are made to fit into your child’s educational standards and they can be found at a variety of levels.


Tween is a new category and it refers to those kids that are just on the verge of becoming teenagers. They are too grown up for some of the younger classic children books, but they are not quite ready for teen literature. These books are longer than other kid books, but their vocabulary and subject matter is appropriate for ages 9-12.

Young Adult

Once your child hits age 13 they are considered a young adult in the literary world. At this point some of the classic children books that you may want to look into are longer ones like “The Wizard of Oz.”