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Hen Party And Fancy Dresses

Hen Party And Fancy Dresses

Whatever past memories you’d like to revive or projections in the imaginary or in the future to live, your hen party seems to be the best occasion to do it, given that, obviously, neither of these would have any semblance of reality or inner coherence without the right costumes.

While, surely, for an effective disguise in geeks, you wouldn’t need special costumes (even if, certainly, you can find some), in the fairyland or in the superhero realm, you’d definitely require specific ones. Unless you have plenty of humor, presumably neither you, nor your girlfriends would like to open the time capsule and to revive painful memories of your geek past, like in the movie ‘You Again’. Though, if, like Kristen Bell in there, you have incredibly transformed into some Tinkerbell creatures, from the high school pimpled ones with horrible glasses, then maybe you could play the ugly again just for fun.

But given that tonight you are not trying to have intellectual fun by being ironical, but pure casual fun, feeling at ease with your friends in a pleasant atmosphere, maybe you’d feel more inclined to travel to some wonderland, far less accessible on normal days or in usual circumstances. After all, you (hopefully) won’t have two hen parties. And you’ll have no trouble to find an Alice in Wonderland costume or for your friends to transform themselves into half real half imaginary animals, with all the hen party accessories and outfits available these days.

If, on the other hand, your fighting adventuresome spirit is more contemporary-minded, then the superhero realm, no matter to what extent monopolized by male characters, may give you a more suitable theme for your hen party. If the costumes that you can find don’t meet your expectations, like previously, you may any time combine several elements in order to get the super heroine that you want to imitate. Just remember Chloe Moretz in ‘Kick-Ass’: couldn’t you find a neon purple wig, a black eye mask and black leather costume? Of course, you could.

But, if you are not in a bellicose mood now and you are not going to save the world or clean it of some bad guys tonight, being rather in a flower power disposition, then maybe some hippy fancy dress would suit you better, whether you accessorize it with some Janis Joplin wig or not, preferring just to play her music. After all, your hen party was born sometime in the sixties, when some long-haired youth decided that times were changing.