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All You Need to Know About Halo Figures

All You Need to Know About Halo Figures

The first-person shooter series Halo, made by the famous Bungie Studios, exploded almost a decade ago onto the Microsoft XBOX video game system. Since the first entry in the series, Halo has become one of the most beloved video game franchises of all time. Its gameplay is almost unparalleled in terms of quality, and it’s story is a gripping sci-fi epic; all of these are reasons why Halo Figures are selling well.

The player’s character, Master Chief, is at the forefront of the near-apocalyptic action. Master Chief is a genetically and cybernetically enhanced super soldier, trained beyond the peak of human ability. Another playable character, The Arbiter, is an exile from the alien Covenant, and fights alongside the human forces. Another main character is Cortana, an artificial intelligence with a female personality. The player also fights alongside human military forces, some of whom become central to the story.

Against Master Chief and the Human race is the alien alliance known as the Covenant, which is made up of various powerful species. The second and extremely powerful antagonist to both humans and the Covenant is known as the Flood. The Flood is a parasitic life form made up of tiny creatures, controlled by a collective intelligence known as Gravemind. These parasite infect and take over other living creatures and become an army for the Flood.

Halo players become very familiar with the environments, characters, shorelines, and vehicles in each game in the series. They are quite likely to purchase or collect memorabilia concerning the game, especially if they are competing on XBOX-live’s multiplayer Halo arenas. Multiplayer Halo games have a culture all their own and their participants are quite intense.

Action figures from every blockbuster science fiction movie and video game have been purchased and collected by adult and child fans, especially those that fall into the “gamer” crowd. Particularly popular are the multiple iterations of Master Chief and the variants on his Spartan Armor that can be worn by multiplayer participants.

Also popular are die-cast and plastic replicas of the vehicles from the game series. The playable and popular alien creature named The Arbiter is also very collectible. Finally, since the artificial intelligence named Cortana often fits into the palm of the characters hand in an anthropomorphic (and curvy) female avatar, she is an exceptionally appropriate collectors item for fans of the game.