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4 Suggestions for Having Treatment of Your Tent From the Large Agnes Seedhouse 1 That Are Wonderful for Any Tent

4 Suggestions for Having Treatment of Your Tent From the Large Agnes Seedhouse 1 That Are Wonderful for Any Tent

1 of our most loved items about Major Agnes Tents and our Seedhouse 1 is the wonderful information the previous gal presents you for storing and retaining your tent. She gives you all the things you require to know about how to choose, use and take automobile of your tent. These suggestions for caring for our Seedhouse 1 do the job for any tent and make certain that your tent lasts as long as our Seedhouse has.

Our tent has lasted for yrs, via lots of rugged use – even visits with teenage boys! We are not meticulous with our Seedhouse, but we do abide by Massive Agnes’ suggestions for care and we have had no trouble at all trying to keep all our tents in fantastic form and lasting by way of hundreds of forays into the wilderness.

Below are the guidelines:

For Storage

You will have to usually make confident the tent is dry and free of charge of debris prior to storing. If you want to stay away from lasting creases, it really is important to things or fold your tent a distinct way every time it is stored. Where you retail store it is also essential. It need to be saved in a cool, dry spot. If you leave your tent in really warm temperatures (these kinds of as a car trunk), it will injury the materials coatings and develop a mess! Stowing a moist tent can result in mildew development, which may possibly induce your tent to smell, leak or delaminate. Mildew hurt is not included underneath warranty.


If your tent just needs a mild cleansing, you can sponge it with heat h2o. If it is really required to clean the overall tent, normally use cleaners suggested precisely for tents. We use McNett Mirazyme cleaner, or Nikwax Tech Clean. In no way dry-thoroughly clean or equipment-wash your tent. Detergents and dry-cleaning solvents will harm the material and spoil the waterproofing. Be sure not to use scorching drinking water, bleach, liquid detergents or dishwashing liquids.

Seam Sealing

Seam tape by itself is durable enough to stop water leakage. Any seams that have been taped do not want a liquid sealer unless of course you want extra defense. Make positive the seam-sealer is completely dry just before re-packing your tent. Harm induced by misapplication could void your warranty.


Retain your zippers cleanse to help hold the coils and sliders from carrying out. If the zippers get dirt or sand in them, vacuum or brush them out in advance of storing the tent.

There it is. The four very simple issues you need to know to maintain your tent working like new and lasting for years just like our seedhouse 1. Consider a little time and treatment for your tent and we’ll see it with you on the path for years to come. We are going to be looking for you!